Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coral Crush

My way younger first cousin is getting married this Saturday!! I could not decide what to get her for a wedding gift so I decide to paint a piece of furniture for her.  I let her pick from my stash. She chose a small china hutch and wanted me to paint it CORAL!  How exciting!! I just so happened to have two packages of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in a color called 'completely coral.' It must be meant to be!  

Here is the hutch:
 Here is a little back story on the hutch:  I purchased it off of a Facebook bidding site. The opening bid was $85. I won it two days later for $85. I was the ONLY bidder! Trust me, the picture they put up to sell it didn't make it quite look this cute, but I could see beyond the harvest gold circle glass and 'eagle' handles. I could tell it had good bones.  So, I contacted the guy and we picked a mutual, public, location to meet.   So, I got there first and about twenty minutes later the guy drove up- In. A. Car.  My first thought: "Oh, hell no!" (complete with a little twist of my neck). So, I cracked my window about a quarter of an inch. He came over to my truck and told me to follow him to his house!   Before he could even get the words out, I was saying: "Nope."  I told him I would have never come alone if I thought I was going to go to his house. His idea was that we would meet up and see that the other one was completely harmless and go get the furniture. Well heck yeah I look completely harmless- I'm a forty-one year old woman who looks half my age (okay, maybe half my age might be stretching it but I mean I DO look young)  and has the voice of a child!   So, I told him I had to call my husband. I called Aubrey. He 'warned' me to stay locked in the truck and said he would be right there!  So, fifteen minutes later, Aubrey showed up, the guy checked out, and we went to his house. He was fine but learn from me-- NEVER ever go to anyone's house alone and ALWAYS meet in a public place! Even if they look okay. So, back to the furniture- here it is in coral:
...and a few close ups:
...and this is what I did to replace the gold glass:
I love the way it turned out!

So, I was supposed to take it to her right when I got off of work today. Then, I saw this in someone's yard:
So, I did what any crazy, deranged woman would do.  I pulled over and knocked on a total stranger's door and asked him if he would sell it to me....and he did.

   So, I know I just told you a story about being careful and not going to someone's house followed by a story of me busting up in a stranger's yard.  All I can say is do as I say, not as I do.

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