Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good Things Come to Those Who Paint

I have had a string of good luck on the "junk front" lately!  Let me share just a bit of what has been going on:

1. One Tuesday I had a few errands to run on my way to work. I left my house early to make plenty of time. When I finished the errands way ahead of schedule, I decided to treat myself to a donut.  When I was attempting to leave the donut shop parking lot I was finding it impossible to make a left turn because of traffic. So, I took a right and took a totally different route to work. I was driving along, enjoying my donut holes when I spotted this:

It was just sitting there on the side of the road!! The only problem, I was in my car.  I tried to call my husband, Aubrey, but I got no answer. A car with two other ladies drove up and they got out and immediately started putting things in their car. In the meantime, I was calling my friend, Kim, with my 'emergency.' She told me to get out and claim it before the other ladies did and that she would be right there! So, I hopped out and the ladies immediately thought I was there to get on to them about going through the pile of garbage. They sort of held their hands up and said: "We were just getting some of this wood." I must have looked pretty serious. Haha.  I explained to them that I wanted the furniture and that my friend was coming.  Then, the lady suggested I 'hide' it behind the dumpster and helped me move it!   A couple of minutes later, Kim arrived and we loaded it up. 

2. The following weekend, I made a list of yard sales to check out on Saturday morning.  The weird thing about this: I NEVER go to yard sales. Never.  Ever.  I left my house at around 6:15am to cruise by a few that started at 7:00.   I drove by four or five and just as I expected: clothes, shoes, children's toys. When I got to my sixth one, I spotted some furniture. I got out and was immediately told that the sale didn't start until 8:00. It was only 6:45. So, I got back in my truck to go to a few more stops- a couple of more yard sales on my list and a swap meet that is held once a month.  Again, I ran into shoes and clothes and toys. I wanted to hurry and go to the swap meet and head all the way back over to the other side of town for the sale that started at 8:00. As I was turning around in this sort of remote area, I saw a sign on someone's mailbox that said "Everything must go. Make an offer." This was an unadvertised sale that I accidentally found! But, I didn't have time to stop. 

     I made my quick trip through the swap meet and then back to the sale with the furniture. I got there at 8:15 and there was already a pile of everything I love sitting by the checkout table. Things like old leather suitcases and old ornate wooden framed mirrors.... I assumed it was someone's 'pile' and my assumption was right! Now, who on earth would have a pile of things that I would normally pick out.  Nobody ever wants the old 'junk' I want! There were two ladies there piling up all of the good stuff! So, I stepped my butt in high gear. But all day long I was too late behind these spunky sisters! They asked to look in a shed and before I even knew they were in there they had purchased a chippy, Kelly green painted crate with lid ON INDUSTRIAL CASTERS for EIGHT BUCKS!!! So, I spotted another shed and started speed walking toward it only to find a RED industrial work table that had just been sold for FIVE BUCKS! I was apparently losing my mojo. So, after claiming a few things in the shed, I decided to walk around the outside of it. I found a huge wooden ladder just hanging on the side. I took it down only to be told it wasn't for sale!!! What?!? I had a small tantrum and the lady was all: "Okay, just make me an offer." So, I felt a little better. I loaded up my things and needed to go home to empty the truck.  I had lunch and cooled down a bit and was almost tempted to just take my second shower of the day and call it a day. But, some nagging feeling was telling me to go back to that unadvertised sale. 

     So, I drove up to the unadvertised sale and a lady and two guys were sitting outside with a few little things on some tables.  Nothing I wanted though.  Thinking back to the spunky sisters at the last sale, I asked if I could look in the shed. The guy said "sure."   Now, most women have a favorite store, mine just so happens to be an 'old man's shed.'  There is just something I love about industrial stuff.   I walked in an immediately got cold chills because I saw this:
     Yikes!!  All these thoughts flashed through my head: whywasthissaleunadvertised?aretheygoingtokillme?ididnttellanyonewhereiwasgoing.ohmygoshlookatthosebins!

These bins:

Then holy moly look at that!
I hit the jackpot and suddenly I was glad I was all alone!! I ended up with the lockers, the bins, an industrial table and stool, and I actually bought some porcelain enamel light fixtures right off the celing!!!   
It was awesome. I suddenly realized why I was taken on the path I was taken on that morning- to find this sale!  

3.  Then, I was given a call by this guy who was moving. He had a piece of furniture he wanted to GIVE me! Here it is:
Then he had another piece I was interested in. He told me to make an offer. Well, I didn't want to insult him with my offer since he had just GIVEN me furniture so I really didn't know what to say. I didn't know if he was thinking $100 or $50 or what.... So I asked him to just give me a price and he said $10!!! For this:
It has beautiful feet and the wood is so pretty dare I say I probably won't paint it! The two bottom drawers were not in it but he had every piece to each drawer so the drawers just have to be put back together! The missing handle was even in one of the small drawers!  I absolutely love this piece of furniture and will probably keep it for myself!

4.  Just when I thought my lucky streak had to be coming to an end, I went to the Salvation Army Store yesterday just as they were UNLOADING the truck!  The only problem: the managers weren't there and they could not price anything. The nice guy who works there though told me to come back later in the afternoon. He remembered me from buying a China Cabinet and desk before. He said he 'never forgets a pretty face' -haha. Whatever works. So, I went back that afternoon and he had pulled some strings and had gotten the things priced!! I got this:
I really love it! The top is Formica but I think I can work with it. I also picked up a little French Provencial dresser and a couple of books- all for under $40! As if that wasn't enough, I went to an auction last night and scored a heavy wood 3 drawer chest for TWENTY BUCKS! 
    It's been quite the week for me!!  What have you found this week?

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