Sunday, July 5, 2015

Heavy Metal

Over the Forth of July weekend I spent a lot of time relaxing. Relaxing in my cozy new orange chair! Y'all, I love it and the more I sit in it, the more comfortable it gets! I only got around to one project this weekend- a heavy metal table.

I got this work table in the same old man shed where I found my lockers and bins a few weeks ago. This is what it looked like before-
Well, this isn't a true 'before' picture. Before this- it was covered in spider webs and gunk! This is after a little Fabuloso and a water hose!  This was a super simple project. I purchased some pre cut thin strips of wood at Lowe's. This would have been awesome with pallet board but let's be honest- Lowe's is air conditioned and ripping pallets apart isn't. Plus, I just wanted to have a simple and quick project for once. 

So, all I had to do was stain the wood using Java Gel by General Finishes.  While they were drying, I scraped off all the old gunk from the sides- caulk maybe? I also coated the whole piece with General Finishes, satin clear coat...just to hold in the rusty parts and seal up all the good patina.  When the stain was good and dry, I glued the boards on with construction adhesive. Super easy.

Here is the finished results:
Pretty cute, right?  The only downfall- this sucker is ridiculously HEAVY! 

I finished "The Girl on the Train" and have moved on to a little guilty pleasure reading: Holly Madison's tell all book about life with Hef.  Somehow, I find THIS book to be more terrifying than "The Girl on the Train." 

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