Thursday, July 2, 2015

Painting Upholstery: Part Two

The painted upholstery project is finished and here are the results:
I love it!!   It does feel totally different now but now bad. It feels like a Naugahyde chair. It's still squishy, it's still comfortable. I liked it more and more as I painted coat after coat. It just seemed to look better and better. 

The little skirt was the hardest part to paint. The tufts weren't a problem at all. The first coat was the worst because the paint soaked into the fabric so much.   The other coats were a breeze. I ended up using a whole quart of paint and two bottles of fabric medium. The total for this project:

1 quart of paint: 15.95
2 bottles of fabric medium: 17.90
1 Chair: 35.00

So, $68.85 for my new chair. I worked on and off on this project for several days. I would estimate it took a total of 6 hours.

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